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Is Stuttering/Stammering Uncurbable? Psychological Myth

No medication, surgical procedure, or instrument can cure stuttering/stammering. Stuttering/stammering is a psychological issue and a bad habit, not a disease. It is not present from birth nor caused by any defect in the brain or speech organs. You are completely normal.

What is the solution to the stuttering/stammering problem? How can stuttering/stammering be cured?
The techniques used in this course have been developed through extensive research and analysis of individuals who stutter/stammer, from all over the world, over several years.

This is not like traditional speech therapy. The practices in this course have been specially developed and tested practically to cure stuttering/stammering. The wide variety of our techniques used in this course will help you correct all aspects of your speech.

Our techniques address irregular breathing patterns, fast speaking habits, faulty speaking styles, blocks, lack of coordination between thinking and speaking, hesitation, repetition, low confidence, avoidance, facial distortions, bad habitual gestures, removing negative thoughts from the subconscious mind, and many more issues.

Any type of stuttering/stammering, no matter how severe or how long-standing the problem, can be easily and surely cured within a short time. The cure is effective for all ages and permanent.

How We Will Cure Your Stammering

Session For All Age and All Stage of Stammering

No Matter what age or What Stage of Stammering or How long Your Stammering is it . Our Powerful 14 Sessions will Cure your Stammering by root

Public Speaking Session

We offer Public Speaking Session in both Hindi and English Language where we conduct various  exercise like Self Introduction , Story Telling , Random Topic giving ETC.

Group Discussion Session

We offer Group Discussion Session with People Like You that can discuss on hot topic . It will train your Mind to Become Calm and Speaking Fluently Even in Nervous/Agitating Situations

Flexible Timing

No matter whether you are a school student, college student, working professional, or family man, our sessions are flexible with your schedule, and you don't need to compromise your daily routine.

Lifetime Support

We are not like other stammering cure institutes that forget you after course completion. We will not leave you until your problem is completely Cured.

Read Our Students' Trasnformational Journey

I was two time rejected from NDA SSB Round due to sever stammering at that time i joined Stammering Free Life Institute and after attending only 5 sessions i cracked navy SSB interview and Now i'm Posted in Kochi as SSC officer

Srijan Mishra

My 14-year-old kid was always getting picked on by his friends at school because of his stuttering. I tried all kinds of homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments, but his stuttering just kept getting worse as he moved up to the next grade. Thank goodness for Anoop Sir and the Stammering Free Life Institute. After just 10 days of going to their sessions regularly, my son won an inter-school debate competition!

Rajneesh Dwivedi

As an engineering student, I faced constant rejection in my interviews due to my stammering. It felt like my skills and knowledge were overshadowed by my speech impediment. However, after attending sessions at the Stammering Free Life Institute with Anoop Pandey, my life took a positive turn. The techniques and confidence I gained allowed me to excel in my next interview, and I finally landed my dream job. I am forever grateful to Anoop Pandey and his institute for helping me overcome my stammering and achieve my career goals.

Ravi Beniwal

I was devastated when I lost my job during the recession due to my stammering. It felt like my career had hit a dead end, and I didn't know where to turn. That's when I discovered the Stammering Free Life Institute and Anoop Pandey. After attending their sessions, not only did my stammering improve, but I also gained the confidence to apply for new jobs. To my surprise, I landed a job with an even higher package than my previous one. I owe my success to Anoop Pandey and his institute, and I am forever grateful for their support.

Amit Tiwari

As an entrepreneur, I knew that effective communication was crucial for the success of my startup. However, my stammering made it difficult to pitch to investors and lead my team. I felt like my dreams were slipping away until I discovered the Stammering Free Life Institute and Anoop Pandey. The sessions provided me with the tools and confidence to overcome my stammering and become a strong communicator. Since attending the institute, I have successfully secured funding for my startup and have been able to inspire my team to achieve our goals. I am forever grateful to Anoop Pandey for helping me become the leader I always aspired to be.

Ashutosh Shukla

I always dreamed of making a difference in my students' lives. However, my stammering made it challenging to deliver lessons effectively and connect with my students. I felt like I was failing them and myself. That's when I found hope in the Stammering Free Life Institute and Anoop Pandey. The sessions not only improved my fluency but also gave me the confidence to embrace my unique teaching style. Now, I can inspire and engage my students without letting my stammer hold me back. Thank you, Anoop Pandey, for helping me become the teacher I always knew I could be

Ajay Nagar

Working in sales with a stammer was a constant uphill battle. I struggled to communicate effectively with clients, and it affected my performance and commissions. Desperate for a solution, I turned to the Stammering Free Life Institute and Anoop Pandey. The sessions not only helped me improve my fluency but also taught me techniques to manage my stammering in high-pressure situations. Since attending the institute, my sales numbers have skyrocketed, and I have become one of the top performers in my company. I am grateful to Anoop Pandey for helping me unlock my true potential

Dhananjay Sinha

As a college student, my stammering held me back from participating in class discussions and presentations. I felt isolated and frustrated, believing that my intelligence was being overshadowed by my speech impediment. That's when I discovered the Stammering Free Life Institute and Anoop Pandey. After attending their sessions, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my fluency and confidence. I started actively participating in class and even took on leadership roles in group projects. Thanks to Anoop Pandey and his institute, I now have the tools to excel in my academic and future professional life.

Yash Goyal


Amit Dwivedi


Founder President of Stammering Treatment® Centre


Spritual Coach & Motivation Speaker

Amit Dwivedi is an EX-STAMMERER who struggled with stammering for 10 years.

After numerous failed attempts at various centers, he CURED HIS STAMMERING ON HIS OWN using SELF-DEVELOPED TECHNIQUES.

He left a successful career in engineering to SELFLESSLY DEDICATE HIMSELF TO THE CAUSE OF STAMMERING CURE.

FOUNDER and CEO of Stammering Treatment Centre®.

A pioneer and LEADING EXPERT in stammering cure for over 15 years.

Cured OVER 15,000 PEOPLE from 25 COUNTRIES.

Recipient of 5 NATIONAL AWARDS for his work in stammering cure.

Author of 12 Best-Selling MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS, including ‘FLUENCY UNLOCKED,’ India’s most practical guide on stammering, published in 2010.

Conducted over 80 SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS in 12 CITIES.

FEATURED IN major English NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, AND NEWS CHANNELS across India, earning widespread acclaim for his outstanding contributions.


…and above all, a HUMBLE HUMAN BEING who believes in the power of persistence and self-belief. 

Today I’m a successful public speaker, motivational speaker, and spiritual coach helping with 80K+ followers on Instagram and YouTube. This was all achieved when my stammering was cured.

As a motivational speaker and spiritual coach, I believe in “selfless service without any personal interest”. Only a person like Amit Dwivedi, who himself used to suffer from stammering, can truly understand your lifelong pain and become your real mentor.

Why Choose Our Stammering Treatment Centre® Among Others

  • We teach Most Effective Speech Technique that cures 70% of your Stammering Problem in Your First Session

  • We Personally Treat Every Indivisual to Cure Stammering Problem

  • We offer Practical activities like group discussions, public speaking, and random calls with strangers to help people speak fluently in nervous situations.

  • We Provide Lifetime Access of Our Recorded CDS and Practice E-Books

  • Lifetime Support : We will not leave you untill Your Stammering is Cured Completely

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your stammering speech therapy program entail?

Our program consists of 36 sessions over three months. The therapy is designed to gradually help individuals overcome stammering and speak fluently.

Are the sessions conducted online?

Yes, the sessions are conducted online.

How is the first 12 Sessions structured?

In the first month, we provide 12 sessions focused on eliminating stammering. By the end of this month, our participants are able to speak without stammering, although they may speak slowly.

What happens in the second month of therapy?

During the second month, we also offer 12 sessions where we introduce our second speaking style. This part of the program is designed to help participants normalize their speaking speed.

What is the focus of the third month?

The third month involves extensive practice sessions. These 12 sessions are designed to help participants become confident in speaking under pressure by simulating real-life situations such as presentations, mock interviews, and debates.

Are any additional resources provided?

The institute provides lifetime access to recorded CDs and practice e-books.

Are there any practical activities included in the program?

Yes, the program includes practical activities like group discussions, public speaking, and random calls with strangers to help people speak fluently in nervous situations.

Will I be completely cured of stammering after the program?

Yes, our program is designed to completely eliminate stammering. By the end of the three-month course, participants will be able to speak fluently and confidently without stammering, even in high-pressure situations.

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